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10.45 – RACHEL BROOKS (30 mins)
12.15 – PENNY ANTICS (30 mins)
13.15 – GEORGE BONE (30 mins)
14.00 – MICHELLE WARD (30 mins)
14.45 – TO BE CONFIRMED (30mins)
15.30 – ALISON (30 mins )
16.30 – SNAKES (30 mins )

Emjaymedia is incredibly proud and excited to be asked to programme the Music Stage of this years Green City on 26th August.

Having previously collaborated on the award winning CONNECT project in 2020, Green issues and the Climate change emergency are very close to our hearts.

We hope to reflect that in the wonderful line up of Artists who have agreed to play the stage. It will be an eclectic mix reflecting the immense talent that this City has, from the rock set of the Headliners, Snakes to the pop of Rachel Brooks and George Bone; from the Punk of Penny Antics to the Soul of Michelle Ward; from the cool Indie sounds of Alison to the Blues/Americana of Jack Browning. We will have a special exclusive set from Paul & Lucia, from one of this counties finest ever bands, Sunscreem. And opening the stage will be Kelli Marie Sellwood, poet and climate activist who works out of the Woodland Woom in Danbury, and who is passionate about Green issues. She has composed some special pieces to perform at Green City. I can’t think of anyone more appropriate to open our day of music, dance and fun.


Andy. Neil. Matt
If Van Gogh played music, it would sound like Snakes. The band are about to release their debut album.




Alison are an original independent young 4 piece band, that bends genres from indie rock to dreamy droney shoegaze. Alison began performing just after lockdown and have gained many sold out shows that have retained a loyal fan base.



The Penny Antics are a two piece Grunge/Punk band! They have been gigging around for over five years now and are developing an ever-expanding fanbase. They have a ten song album out, a five song EP, a six song live set and an eight song remix. They are known for their unpredictable and energetic performances where they play each set as though it were their last; in both practices and gigs!

Penny Antics
Michelle Ward


Michelle Ward, singer songwriter and Radio Presenter debuted her EP, Directions last year, which is a soulful, reggae, pop inspired mix. She is releasing a new track shortly called Down to the River, which whisks you downstream on a sonorous and dreamy journey into love, lived lost, lain waste. A supporter of Independent music with her weekday radio show, she knows the struggles to be heard, the angst of a release and promotion, when all you want to do is just write a song and have people hear it.





An emotive and heartfelt songwriter and pianist, circling somewhere between the world of pop and musical theatre, Rachel brings you a varied collection of personal tales and feelings with a large sprinkling of production and stripped back live piano tracks alike.
With her debut EP in 2017 of Dream Grower Rachel is excited to bring you new music with her latest single due for release August 2023…a nostalgic sounding pop track Music Makes The Heart Heal. The first of many releases coning up.

Rachel Brooks
Kelli Marie Sellwood


“I’m a Poet, Local Volunteer, and Activist, based in Chelmsford City centre. I have a passion for learning, and am interested in all manner of subjects, from the stories of the past to stories of today to the myriad of ideas about the future.
I found poetry around 2 years ago when dealing with crippling depression; my partner at the time suggested I try to write down the thoughts that were compounding as painful knots in my head. So, I started to write.”

I like to dream big, I try to tread lightly, I enjoy learning & creating. Poetry is my passion
Kelli is also a part of the Woodland Woom Project in Sandon



From touring the North-East of England whilst a music student at Durham University, to planning the release of his first-ever E.P. in mid-2023, George Bone has a prosperous future lined up, both as a songwriter and producer.
George’s music delves deep into the Neo-Jazz genre, intertwining complicated harmonies with thought-provoking lyrical waxings and surreal soundscape. His stripped-back acoustic sets focus on providing an emotional, interactive experience that leaves the attendees craving more.
Since being debuted on BBC Radio Essex in January 2019, with his track One/Two Summer Fling, George has gone from strength-to-strength, becoming a KALAB artist in February 2020, and numerously performing at The Camden Chapel and a multitude of various venues across the United Kingdom, including Trafalgar Square in 2022.

PAUL & LUCIA (Sunscreem)

One of the first rave-pop groups with live-performance abilities as well, Sunscreem formed around Paul Carnell and Lucia Holm (both on keyboards and vocals)  Early singles Walk On and Pressure became UK hits and dancefloor favorites, while 1993’s Love U More became their trademark song (and biggest hit). The debut Sunscreem album O3 was released in 1993. They remain one of the most influential bands to come out of Essex. Today Paul and Lucia will be performing a special acoustic set for Green City.